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Viagra is the Best Solution for ED

Viagra or sildenafil is known to relax muscles and boost blood flow to the penis, making it harder for a longer time. This drug has been hailed as the best for erectile dysfunction and impotency in men, since the time it was marketed in 1998. This drug sustains an erection to complete till the intercourse is over. It is even effective for men over 65 years and for those who have health problems like diabetes, live, kidney, prostate or BP. The only difference being that, low dosage of Viagra mainly 25 mg will be prescribed to them. The other strengths are Viagra 50 mg and Viagra 100 mg. It should be taken ideally, once a day. This is the main reason why you should consult the doctor before buying this drug.

Some women, who have lost their sexual drive because of antidepressant, also buy Viagra online. This drug has shown some effects, but not as much as in men. By taking this drug, the blood flow to the vaginal region increases during sexual arousal, helping them have a satisfactory love life. However, women with low sex drive should avoid it, as it does not help.

Viagra online is the ideal way to purchase this drug, if you are too busy to go out and buy them. You have to be really careful though, as there are more of illegal pharmacies than the genuine ones online. Check them out by asking for their verification license and if they sell generic Viagra, which has not been given the green signal by FDA. Getting Viagra without prescription is another way to catch the fake ones, as this drug is not provided without one, by genuine pharmacies. And lastly, if they sell Viagra with more dosage than the normal ones of 25mg. 50mg and 100mg, you will know that it is not the real one. Do not believe if they claim Viagra overnight success, for it takes at least 30-60 minutes for it to start working.

Viagra price is usually $10 to $30, the higher the dosage, the more the price. However, if you buy them in bulk and in frequency from a particular pharmacy, you will be offered good Discount viagra. The higher the quantity, the more will be the discount offered. Online pharmacies which offer doctor’s consultation, prescription and Viagra fast delivery, price this drug more because of them. They will claim that these services are free.

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